Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Most Romantic Holiday Memory

For those of you who don't exactly know me yet, probably don't know that one of my very, very favorite things in life is a surprise, the good kind...the really good kind! Well my hubby, aka: Mr. Loomis (I actually call him that a lot, not in a formal kind of way, but with affection and he likes it--just another little tidbit for you. Too personal? Hope not!) surprises me once in a while with the best things ever. I'm not talking about the ones money can'll see. Follow along on this picture story. Oh, first things first: the blond puffy face girl you're going to see is me just a few days after giving birth to my 5th sweet, sweet baby. Little did I know at that time in my life that I'd be kissing away my former "skinny life", but priorities change as we go along, ie: I'm not interested in being hungry at this point in my life--LOL! but it is true. Anyway, her name is Charlotte Rose. She was our Holiday blessing in late December of 2005. We had a house full of company and we were loving it! Our home was full of family, love, excitement, and warmth.
Both my parents and Brian's parents had made the trip to Michigan (that's where we lived until just a few years ago) for Christmas and Charlotte's arrival.
I knew Brian was up to something because I was under strict orders to stay inside and no peeking out of the windows! Brian, Marge (my mother-in-law, you'll see her in just a minute), and my only son, Kyle, were scurrying around doing "something" outside in the front yard. For me the SUSPENSE was building!
We had brought Charlotte home earlier that day and I couldn't imagine what they were up to. I decided to stay inside where I was nice and cozy in my fleecy pj's (you'll see those lovely things, too, sorry! but I was all about comfort at that point) and nurse my beautiful newborn baby in our parlor.
We had just bought the most comfortable rocking chair ever, which looked like it just belonged in that old parlor. I still use that very same rocking chair for our little Liliana. Oh, sorry, I digress! So by the time Miss Charlotte was finished up with her "nursey, nursey", I was beckoned outside, with a blind fold over my eyes! I couldn't imagine what was going out I went with my trusty guide, Brian.
Just look at the gift that was revealed to me!

Is that the sweetest surprise EVER!

He had even snuck (is that a real word--Marge will know!) into my paints for his little project. To this day we still have Charlotte's sign that Brian painted which we will one day give to her. The snowman did not last, but the memory sure has and we have this beautiful painting (that would be the sign-it's beautiful to me!) to remind us of what a joyous and special occasion our Charlotte's Holiday homecoming was--ahhhhhh!

And so now you might be wondering exactly where is the romance in all of this? Well, just look at the expression on my husband's face as he sees my pure delight in the surprise he made for me!!! Need I say more?
So now, below is the LOVELY MARGE. She's the one who documents everything, every happening, just every -everything for the family. I'm so glad she did, too, because now I'm able to share my little romantic memory with you all. Let's here it for Marge: YAY, Marge!

And in this last picture are two partners in crime, so to speak, Brian and Kyle, standing with me and Mr. Snowman. Do you love my garb or what? I had forgotten all about my snow boots! Yep, now that's a goooood look -yikes!

Blessings, Love, and Romance abound!

The End.


  1. A lovely story Rachel to share with all your friends. The snowman was awesome, the sign says it all, and if ever there was a romantic moment captured on film, the last picture is it for sure! Thanks for the accolades and yes, I think snuck is a word...if not, we have just made it one! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Oops, not the last picture but the third from last!

  3. Oh I just love this! So glad you shared it!!


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