Monday, December 6, 2010


Whew! Sorry, it's taken me so long to get back to my blog. I have been one busy girl! Lots going on for us all, I know, at this time of year. Tonight I thought I'd just post a handful of fun pics of the latest happenings and festivities around here. I hope you enjoy our moments as much as we did having them!
Here is our sweet Gracie girl (Isabella, Grace is her middle name) making her stage debut in the play by the name of "Nuts". It was the cutest production I've seen in a long, long time. I was so proud of all the kids and staff at Riverview. Their performance actually brought tears to my eyes. They were all so courageous, sweet, innocent, and of course, entertaining.
Cute! Cute! Cute!
Can you guess what she might be????
Yes, that is me standing next to her after the show. Can you guess what I am? Yep, her proud mama! Is the suspense killing you? Okay, you give? Isabella is a fabulous and fluffy cloud!
How cute is this?

And who do we have here in the pic above? My babies: my youngest, Liliana, and my Grandbaby boy, Owen (aka: Charles, per me). It's been a few months since we've had both of their car seats in my bug and I missed taking their pic the last time, so this time I was sure to capture them having a good time with the top down.
Now this cute guy would be my husband, Brian, for those of you who might not know him yet. Can you guess what he has in those lovely pink bags? I think I'll see if anyone is acutally reading my blog and have a little contest here. Okay: leave your guess in the comments below. If you guess correctly what the blue stuff/thing is in the bag then you'll win a FREE pair of Holiday Diva Dish gloves. Here are a few hints:
1. they were purchased in downtown Beaufort
2. they are party favor gifts for our little Charlotte's 5th Birthday party that is soon approaching

And last but not least, is the happy~schmappy couple. You can see that I'm just tickled pink at my "find" for Charlotte's party (now I don't have to sew a whole bunch of ****'s) and Mr. Loomis....well, I think he is astonished that he not only just spent about a million bucks on a few bags of goodies, but he probably can't believe that he actually posed with pink bags for a quick pic for me and is now realizing in this very moment that it will definitely be posted on my BLOG! Oh, yes! he is right alright:o) What a good, good daddy he is!!!
Happy Schmappy!

Oh, just one last quick pic of me and my Beaufort girlfriends. We were celebrating Kate's bday at dinner downtown a bit earlier this evening. Starting on the left: Kate, aka the special birthday girl, in the tan jacket, Joanna is next to her and then there is Miss Jen with her precious newborn baby boy, next is Cynthia and then here I am again in the hat. Have I shared with you all yet that I love hats (wish I'd wear them more often) and also houndstooth?
Fun pieces, fun friends, fun festivities!


  1. Rachel,
    Your clothes and goals for girls are amazing! I enjoy wearing the beautiful apron you gave me. Fortunately, my retired hubby is the cook but baking Christmas cookies with you apron on makes me feel just as magical as your little girls. Merry Christmas to one grand Mom and Mimi!


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