Friday, December 17, 2010

Drum Roll, Please! We have a Lucky Winner!

This post will be short, but very sweet for one lucky gal.
The "Magic Hat" makes an appearance and is filled with names.
Now for the "stirring up" as Isabella dubbed this detail. The anticipation is building! Just look at the excitement on Charlotte's little face.
......and the lucky winner of the Holiday Hostess Apron is...

Yippee! Oh, you're going to look sooo cute in this. You must send me a pic! Email me, Stephanie L., and we'll make arrangements to get the apron to you. I hope you enJOY wearing one of my aprons as much as I do. Congrats!
Thank you to all of you who humored me by playing along and sharing. Your stories were so fun, entertaining, touching and warm. I'm sure we all enjoyed reading them. Looks like I'll just have to do another giveaway!


  1. yippee!! i am so excited to say the least. i have never owned such a cute apron. i can't wait to wear it! thank you rachel for such a fabulous giveaway.

  2. You're wecome, Stephanie! Thanks for playing along! This was big fun for me too :).


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