Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Finding" my way

Hey, look! I have actually been doing some sewing also. It's not all fun and games around here with the kiddos :o). This is one of my fav little ponchos. When I stitched out my last batch, I made up several pink ones with the lime green trim~love it! Don't you? Such a cute color combo!
Below is a set of baby bibs that a customer and friend of mine, Carol, decided to have monogrammed for her grand baby. Aren't they sweet? These little bibs make great baby gifts! Sorry about the lighting....a photographer, I'm NOT, but you get the idea, right?
Here's another little poncho sporting a popular color combo: Gotta love the chocolate brown and pink! Always cute, isn't it? I think so. You know it took me FOREVER to come around to liking brown, I mean forever. I was always a "black" girl, but now I just think of it as choclate and I'm all over it!!! Chocolate and hot pink, chocolate and aqua, chocolate and lime green, chocolate and light pink...the list goes on and on....little did I know, huh?

Below is a favored bib and burp set by my customers. This combo seems to get picked often for sweet little boys on the baby scene. I actually ordered enough of this fabric to make bedding for my grandbaby. I had better get to crackin' on that project as Christmas is just around the corner!!! The holidays will be here before we know it. Last year at Holiday time I was sewing orders for customers right up to two days before Christmas! This year, I'm going to have to set a hard cut off date for myself. It's so hard to say "no" sometimes, especially when someone orders a piece that is so cute and you know they are just dying to have it for their little one, right? Anyhooo, this year I have swithced up my game a bit. I'll keep you "posted" on how it goes for me and Finds!

So now you see that I have "found" my way back to my sewing machines, which is just where I need to go now. Wishing you a happy and blessed day and myself the same along with a lot of productive sewing!!!

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