Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Buttons and Bows...Oh, My!

So I haven't posted in several days. I'm finding this is a lot to keep up with, but I do like to blog. Didn't think I would, but turns out that I do. So...I've been up to my eyeballs is buttons and bows this week. All my vests are now completed and ready for show time starting tomorrow a.m. I'll be at the Made in the South Holiday Art Fair in Savannah all weekend. It is a big really big show for me, my biggest all year. I'm now thinking that I should have made arrangements for someone to come down and man my booth with me.....hmmmm. Maybe my daughter, Lauren, will want to spend some time with her mama this weekend! We'll see, she probably "has plans". That's the response I get these days from my big girls, nice huh?
I can remember when my Charlotte was just 2 1/2 (she's now almost 5) and when I'd ask her to do a little something, like "...hand mommy that toy, please", her response for the longest time was "I can't. I busy. Things to do." How funny is that? and she meant it too.

So here is a bit of eye candy for you. These are some more fashion combinations that you could put together from my Birds of a Feather Collection. Scroll on down....


Cute, again.

Ah, the grey damask double ruffle pants :o) These have been a big hit!

Gotta love the mango knit ruffle pants~oh, so comfy and even more cute. This is the greatest color for Fall. I'm not even an orange girl, not at all! However, I must confess: I'm totally loving this particular shade of mango, it's like a heather mango....delicious and goes with so many other pieces!

...and now the beloved reversible vest. This piece is so versatile and can be worn in the Fall and again in the Spring. Of course, it's a great mix and match piece, too.

Ta Dah! It's all the in the details: buttons and bows have all come together. Oh, my! How Fabulous!

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