Friday, November 26, 2010

All My Chickens are home and in a row!

I'm just as happy as a lark! All my chickens (children) are home and I just couldn't be any happier!! This doesn't happen too often. My Mom and Dad are here visiting with us for Thanksgiving weekend, too. This has been a weekend filled with family, feasting, and fun times! We have so many blessings in our lives to be ever so thankful for. Thank you, Jesus! My parents and son all were granted safe travel, may they be as fortunate on their return trips home as well!
We started off the long family weekend by celebrating my Dad's birthday. It has been a long tradition that I bake him an apple pie, completely from scratch. He loves my apple pies and even brags about them. Even my extended family in the hills of Missouri know all about my apple pies, which is the funniest thing because it all happened quite by accident almost 20 years ago. Let me add that my Mom and her older sisters are great country cooks like you wouldn't even believe!!! I was so nervous that they'd want my to bake them one and then perhaps suffer terribly by comarison~yikes! Sidenote: they're very sweet, of course, and it turns out that I have baked an apple pie for them and I passed the test with flying colors...Uncle Howard approved! So.... I honestly can't remember the very first apple pie I ever made, but I do remember making one when my parents came up to Michigan for a Holiday visit and I happened to whip one up....the rest is history and a bit of a mystery. Well, it used to be a mystery how Iwas able to apparently make a delicious apple pie, including yummy flaky crust. My goodness, when I was learning how to cook years ago it was just scary sometimes! Can anyone relate to this?
Above I'm rolling out homemade egg noodles. Again, a long time tradition with my Mom's family~gotta have homemade noodles. I make them just three times a year: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

So, below are some pics of me and my family preparing for our big feast. I truly believe that I must spent no less than 10 hours cooking and baking! Wow, that is a long time to spend on my feet and in the kitchen, but I have to admit that I LOVED every minute of! I truly love to cook for my children, makes me feel so good!
Fast forward 20 years: my three little ones are all but completely grown up, I've been blessed with a wonderful husband & three more beautiful babies, my parents are in good health and continue to visit and believe it or not...I can actually "hold my own" in the kitchen! If I want my kids to come running home, all I have to do is tell them that I'm cooking and here they come...all gathered around our kitchen table feasting, safe and sound, and all in a row~
My babies: Lauren (21), Whitney (20), Kyle (17), Isabella (6), Charlotte (4), and Liliana (2)

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