Friday, October 29, 2010

Like Kids in a Candy Store

Ahhhh, to be a kid again! As a little pre-birthday celebration, we visited Savannah's City Market the evening before my birthday this year. Stop #1: yep, Savannah's Candy Kitchen. Oh, my! Is it ever yummy! The best pralines and carmel apples ever, really. Here you can witness my little girls drooling over the goodies.

So, what do you think was the big hit of this shoppe stop? The Taffy Train! It delivers warm, freshly made taffy to the candy bins on the opposite side of the store. Straight down the shoot the taffy goes and big smiles and amusement all around! My girls were fascinated with it. Daddy, of course, gave each of them a turn up on his shoulder to watch the candy fall . Big Fun!

Stop #2: off to a very casual dinner and dancing in City Market afterward with the family~now that was really, really big fun for me...I LOVE to dance! I hope my girls remember going to City Market and dancing with me. I danced with them there just before my youngest, Liliana, was born. I have very fond memories of both occasions and hope they can remember at least a littlepiece of being free birds with their momma! Then off to see the beautiful new fountain there. Aren't the lights and water great? You should check out the fountain in the summer time. Now, that's a great way to cool off here in the Southern heat. Anyway, I love all the colors!!! Nothing like a rainbow to make for a happy day.

Family photo (actually 1/2 the family, so weird that my big kids have their own "stuff to do", but at the same time I know that that is just life). Thanks nice passerby for taking this shot of us! And maybe I shouldn't show this "self portrait" as it shows both of our ages, but this is a tradition for me and Brian. We started taking a snapshot of ourselves years ago at different destinations/occasions. Makes for an interesting photobook :o). Happy, Schmappy together...just like kids in a candy store!

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