Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Wishing you and yours
a very fun and safe
Halloween filled with good food, great friends, fabulous family, and cherished memories!

The Great Pumpkin Hunt is ON!

Just wanted to share some quick picks of us at the pumpkin patch with the littles. Yes, the hunt is on...
Isabella likes the shape of this one, but it's not big enough she says...

Hmmm, how about these over here? I was liking the silver-green ones, apparently, Lili was too.
So we searched the patch, high and low...

and Ta-Da! Liliana finds the perfect little pumpkin sitting on the farmers table. Ahhh, the feeling of sweet success and happiness!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Like Kids in a Candy Store

Ahhhh, to be a kid again! As a little pre-birthday celebration, we visited Savannah's City Market the evening before my birthday this year. Stop #1: yep, Savannah's Candy Kitchen. Oh, my! Is it ever yummy! The best pralines and carmel apples ever, really. Here you can witness my little girls drooling over the goodies.

So, what do you think was the big hit of this shoppe stop? The Taffy Train! It delivers warm, freshly made taffy to the candy bins on the opposite side of the store. Straight down the shoot the taffy goes and big smiles and amusement all around! My girls were fascinated with it. Daddy, of course, gave each of them a turn up on his shoulder to watch the candy fall . Big Fun!

Stop #2: off to a very casual dinner and dancing in City Market afterward with the family~now that was really, really big fun for me...I LOVE to dance! I hope my girls remember going to City Market and dancing with me. I danced with them there just before my youngest, Liliana, was born. I have very fond memories of both occasions and hope they can remember at least a littlepiece of being free birds with their momma! Then off to see the beautiful new fountain there. Aren't the lights and water great? You should check out the fountain in the summer time. Now, that's a great way to cool off here in the Southern heat. Anyway, I love all the colors!!! Nothing like a rainbow to make for a happy day.

Family photo (actually 1/2 the family, so weird that my big kids have their own "stuff to do", but at the same time I know that that is just life). Thanks nice passerby for taking this shot of us! And maybe I shouldn't show this "self portrait" as it shows both of our ages, but this is a tradition for me and Brian. We started taking a snapshot of ourselves years ago at different destinations/occasions. Makes for an interesting photobook :o). Happy, Schmappy together...just like kids in a candy store!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fabulously Lucky!

Wow, what a FABULOUS day Finds! had at the Harvest Festival! Thank you to all who made it such a fruitful day for me. I really had a good time meeting lots of new customers and making some great connections. It's so much fun to see people truly get excited about my pieces and "discovering me" as they sometimes say. Affirmation is always nice, isn't it? Also what a treat is was to see so many familiar faces and have loyal customers seek out my tent!!! That really was a big thrill for that silly? I think not!! Or maybe that is Lucky...maybe. What I do know is that that is me and Finds! moving in exactly the right direction and straight at my goal--LOVE IT, love happy repeat customers who enjoy and share in dressing their little girls like little girls.
Here I am with two of my girls, Isabella and Charlotte. They took a break from all the festivities to hang out with me for a few minutes before they were off to the pirate ship playground. Big thanks to Marge, my lovely mother-in-law, who always has her trusty camera on her and ready for action at any family happening. Really, she is Johnny on the Spot with this stuff! Comes in very, very handy~LUCKY me, again!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Free Monogram!

Okay, so here it is...a sample of what the FREE monogram looks like. Being a real computer savvy queen that I'm NOT, I had to do a separate post to show this sample from a previous order. Pretty cute, huh?

I'm in Poncho City!

Yes, that's right...I'm in what I'm calling Poncho City! I took my goods to the Shrimp Festival and to the Festival of the Sea recently and now I have oodles of poncho orders to fill.
Don't all of the girls look so sweet? They love to play and twirl in their ponchos! The just happen to be the perfect weight for transitional weather in Fall and Spring, easy wear for the girls and easy care for us mommies (these wash up beautifully, too!).

Check them out on my website or find me at one of my Fall/Holidays shows. These little ponchos make great gifts and are a great value priced at only $38, which includes a FREE MONOGRAM, yes that is FREE! Also, I will ship anywhere in the US for a very reasonable rate (trying to make gift giving easy on ya'll).

Many beautiful colors available, but I do sell out quickly, so if you see a color combo you like then you should snag it up! I'm so excited to offer some new Holiday colors coming soon:

Christmas Green, Lollipop Red, Snowy Ivory, two shades of Royal Purple, and a few more, too! I'll be sure to show you as soon as I get them ready. Brace yourselves....they're going to be yummy cute!!

Isabella is showing how "forgiving" the design is. The girls are not restricted at all while playin' or behavin'...Ta Da!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kick Off!

My first trunk show season has officially been kicked off! Thanks Cynthia for being my first hostess and making the party a success!! I now have more orders to get out, which is very exciting for me. Also, for those of you who couldn't make it to Cynthia's party, I will be in Port Royal, SC this Sat., October 16th for the Festival of the Sea. Check out my "happenings" page on my website for more festival and trunk show news, dates, & locations:

Turns out that my new school uniform ruffle pants were a big hit....just what I was hoping for!
For those of you who don't know, I offer knit ruffle pants in khaki or navy and corduroy ruffle pants in navy only at this time, in sizes 5-8. I have made up a test
batch of each. They're so cute and comfy, I promise! I'm definitely looking to expand this part of my line. I found it so dreadful last Fall when I had to dress my Isabella in "school uniforms", which is a whole new concept for me as my older children were not
required to do so. And poor Isabella was beside herself on much more than one morning while getting dressed for school and just truly heartbroken that she could no longer wear her "cute clothes" to school as she had done for the last two years at nursery school. It was a real shocker for us both! However, I do have to admit that school uniform dressing is easy...but seriously it doesn't need to be so dang boring! SO....I'm testing the waters right now to see how these first uniform ruffle pants fly and if all goes well, I will be adding capris and skirts, too! Who says school uniforms can't be cute and cool to wear????? I think it is time to add some "Fab" to school to share in the fun with me?

I'm open to feedback and suggestions! Let me know what you think~I'd really love to hear from you.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Secret is out....Yipppeeee!

Yes, ladies, the secret is out.....Finds of the Fabulous Kind! is now a trunk show company and on the scene for all of you fashionistas to get your fix. Here at Finds! we make it super easy to be, look, and feel, Oh, soooo Fabulous! with our line of super cool and cute clothing for little girls and a delicious line of ladies hostess aprons and accessories for us. More yummy pics of those to follow later, I promise.
Yes , the secret is out....please pass along the word to your best gal pals. You can contact me at to schedule your home party and start earning free Fabulous $$$ right away in merchandise credit. How fun will that be to get free goodies all while having great girlfriend time? Fabulous! wouldn't you say?

Yes, we are all jumping for joy as this labor of love has come to fruition. I'm thrilled to introduce this line of clothing to ya'll. Please visit my facebook page and become a fan! I will be offering some special deals via that page, so look often! Actually, you can click on the button at the top of this page: "Fabulous Finds on Fabebook" to check that out.
Oh, so sweet! Girls just being girls is the greatest, isn't it? I love these pieces from my

Birds of a Feather Collection:

Soft pink long sleeve tee-deliciously soft and a great shade of pink, monogram available

Lovebirds pleated skirt-absolutely yummy print on this one

Brown Floral Peasant Dress- features adorable bell sleeve and pink ribbon trim

It's been FUN! That's all for now folks~ See you next post!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Drum Roll Please...

WoooHooo! Here we go and I'm so excited to show ya'll some sneak peeks of my happy and hip designs from my
Birds of a Feather, Fall 2010 Collection.

These here are the cutest little knickers I've ever seen! I'm really tickled with how these turned out--just like I had envisioned them. You've gotta see the little pocket on the seat of these-cute, cute, cute! Check them out on my site: to see all the too cute details.

Yup! Girls just wanna have fun-always!

Above is a super sweet, yet hip ankle length skirt that features a smart pleated ruffle. This is a very "now" silhouette~enjoy!

Check out this corset top. Isn't it so cute? Not only does is sport just a touch of the sweetest birdie fabric ever, but it also features great details and comfort in the back. Also pictured is the chocolate brown double ruffle capris....need I say anymore ;o)? These look FABULOUS with boots, I promise!

Ahhhhhh! The Ruffles,Ruffles, Ruffles Skirt. My girls LOVE this one! Talk about fun to twirl in, whew! it is great for that~tons of fun and even more cuteness! This piece is especially versatile and can be paired with so many other pieces from the BOF Collection.

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