Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Little Princesses

So here they are as I promised some time ago: Isabella, Charlotte, and Liliana playing princesses~ One of their favorite past times. I do have some princess pics from our visit to Disney, but they're on the big camera and I don't even mess with that anymore. I should, but I don't. Oh, what fun it is to be a girl!
This here is Charlotte. She happened across this old hat that Isabella wore when she was two years old. Charlotte is quite pleased with herself, isn't she? This was a big "find" for her as she was digging around in our beach bag. Why she wanted to wear it so badly I don't really know. The lining is even coming out of it, but .... the little princess is happy. So that is all that matters when you're just trying to get a gaggle of girls out the door, right?
Wishing you a happy day!


Fruits of Summer

Ahhhh, here is one of my favorite foods in the whole wide world...sweet strawberries. The only thing that could possibly make them more delectable would be to dip them in some yummy chocolate, but it would have to be "good" chocolate. Anyone have a great recipe they'd like to share? If so, leave it in the comments please.
The strawberry field proved to be very "fruitful" for our the baby of the family, Liliana. I knew that she liked strawberries, but as it turns out...she LOVES them! Let's just say it is a good thing she was wearing a pink play romper because she was definitely wearing the juices from her strawberry hunt :o). I guess we could call that the "fruits of her labor", couldn't we?

Oh, now here is our Gracie, otherwise known as Isabella. She discovered, thanks to her oldest sister, Lauren, these sweet plums that grow everywhere down here in the Low Country. We had no idea what they were, but it turns out that they are very sweet, little plums. What a fun discovery! Isabella and Lauren both love them. You can see that Isabella was quite pleased with herself after trying so hard to get to the plums and finding sweet success.

Now these beauties are tomatoes from my Aunt Mae's garden. She is one of my mom's older sisters (more about her later, I promise!). Anyway she asked my girls and my second cousin's son, Liam, if they'd like to go outside and pick a few tomatoes with her. Not a bad harvest for a few minutes, is it? Aren't they pretty? I just love the depth and range of colors found in nature. I find that I'm noticing and appreciating that more and more--it's fun and interesting to take note.
News flash***Lots of goodies coming your way. I've been doing my best to hone my computer skills and become a bit more savvy about all this stuff (it's a REAL challenge for me, let me tell you!). Anyway, good and fabulous things are in store for you reallllll soon! My website has been re-designed and will be sporting a new look, which I'm so excited about. I have this new blog to have with and hopefully entertain and inform you with and I will have a new etsy page too. Whew! There's been a lot going on behind the scenes here at the Loomis household! Not to mention my first official Fall line for my children's clothing. You'll get to check it out very soon. Photoshoot was just done last Thursday. As soon as I get the pics from my photographer, Susan DeLoach, you'll be the first to see some sneak peeks and be in the know, I promise!
Talk soon!

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