Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Royal Treatment

We recently took our little girls to Florida for a Disney vaca. It was soooo much fun and way cool indeed. Our little darlings received the "Royal Treatment" for sure! Brian and I had big fun~ I think maybe more fun then they did, which would be hard to beat!! I have to grab the pics from his computer and then I'll share our Disney Experience with was all about the Princesses, let me tell you!
So, in the meantime, I'll share with you my surprise Mommy Makeover Contest Experience that my husband secretly entered me in. He threw my name and his story about me in the pot along with some other very lovely ladies and deserving mommies....and low and behold, I happened to win. I tease that it wasn't necessarily his story that snagged the most votes for me, but the ever so becoming picture he chose to send in for the contest. Check it out, it's the pic of me in the pink cardigan (I LOVE cardigans)! This pic is known to me as the "Sympathy Picture"-LOL! It's quite a doozy, huh? Whatever, it and the very sweet write up by Brian, did the trick and I, in fact, received the "Royal Treatment" for a day. It was way beyond FABULOUS, too! Actually there were so many goodies and give aways included that I have to have a second day of pampering: mani/pedi, Swedish massage, and teeth whitening still to come. Oh, boy! I'm pretty excited about all of this. Big "thank you's" to everyone who made this possible, especially to Brian! He really is so sweet to me!
Princess pics to follow soon :o)
Wishing you a happy and blessed day!

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