Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Very Special Day!

Hey, there!
Okay, it's time for my 2nd ever blog post....
Today is a special day for me. Know why? My husband, Brian, and I have been celebrating our 8th anniversary all day long. It started off with a "good morning, honey" and a quick kiss, then a yummy breakfast sandwich made by him just for me, served along with my fav....Diet Coke...gotta have it! Next, some work time for each of us and some time with our girls and grandbaby. And then off to glorious Savannah for a stroll around city market, a visit to the candy store (yum! yum!), and a sit down for a beer & live music (always big fun for me) on the patio, and then we finished our visit there with a late dinner at the Lady and Son's Restaurant (Miss Paula Deen's place~if you visit Savannah, this place is a must go to!) What a beautiful day we've had :o). It matches our eight years of married life together.
I'm so thankful for my loving, supportive, & fun hubby!
xoxoxxo to you Bri! Happy 8th Anniversary

okay, gotta go! Hubby is waiting upstairs.....

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