Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello again!
Just a quick note tonight to "report" that I've had the lovliest of days! Happy, happy, happy day with Brian strolling about little towns just outside of Charleston combing the shops for just the right pieces of really good junk. All four of the littles were in tow all day long, of course. We had them out antiquing until 5:00. They were really great sports, too. Maybe it was the down-home lunch we treated them to...the restaurant's slogan cracks me up!
Here it is: Country Cookin' makes you Good Lookin'
Isn't that a stitch? Yeah, if looking like a barrel and getting rolled out the place is considered "good lookin'"!!!!! Just kidding, the food was really yummy.
Okay, so one day soon I will acually learn how to post pics here of my adventures. So sorry no pics for todays outing 'cause it was a good one! Oh the pics I could've shared if only I had taken my camera...detailsl, details, details.
Must go for now~xxxxx's
See you all tomorrow!

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